The Waller Ballroom

2500 Sq Ft

The Waller Ballroom offered a unique challenge of as they wanted to preserve the historic concrete floors that were built in 1908 while enhancing the originality of the building. To do this, JCF finely polished the concrete, enhancing the powerful, originality of the floors.  JCF also procured concrete overlays flushed with tile accent in the public restrooms as well as applying epoxy quarts to the the kitchen and bar areas of the ballroom.  The Waller Ballroom took four days to complete. 

Working with Just Concrete Floors was an amazing experience. They helped preserve our floors and really helped accentuate the design aspects of the ballroom.
— The Waller Ballroom

Copenhagen Furniture

14000 Sq Ft

Copenhagen Furniture wanted a consistent, canvas to showcase their furniture with high visibility and definition.  It was essential that the job be high quality but also quick as they needed to minimize the time that the store was closed. JCF ground, prepped, patched and poured a concrete overlay at 1/8 -1/4 inch thickness, where it was then stained and sealed. The job was completed in four days. 

Just Concrete Floors worked with us to get a difficult floor project done quickly and with immaculate results.
— Copenhagen Furniture

The Lauck Group

1200 Sq Ft

Located on the 7th floor of the historic Littlefield Building, The Lauck Group wanted concrete floors over the intact wood substrate. This provides a unique challenge as concrete tends to crack over wood as the wood flexes. JCF carefully prepared the wood substrate and implemented the concrete overlay while giving the natural concrete a high gloss sheen. The Lauck Group project was completed in two days. 

Just Concrete Floors does beautiful work, we highly recommend them for your concrete flooring.
— The Lauck Group

Art on 5th

6000 Sq Ft

Art on 5th wanted to expose the beauty of their already intact natural concrete slab to provide a neutral canvas to cleanly showcase the gallery's art.  JCF ground and removed the glue and paint residue remnants of old flooring to bring out the powerful expression found in the existing slab. The project was completed in three days.

The polished flooring Just Concrete Floors created for us, accentuates the colors in our art pieces and really helps bring them to life.
— Art on 5th

Pup Culture

8000 Sq Ft

JCF was commissioned by Pup Culture to create a beautiful, functional floor that could be easily maintained. JCF removed the existing carpet and glue then ground down to the natural concrete. Once the natural slab was exposed, JCF stained the concrete vibrant, golden wheat and also installed the Pup Culture logo in the center of the floor. JCF completed the project by adding a durable sealer so the floor could be easily cleaned.  JCF finished the project in four days. 

We wanted a floor that was both beautiful and easy to clean with all the dog activity we have at Pup Culture. The floors that Just Concrete Floors provided are perfect!
— Pup Culture

Cap City Comedy Club

1800 Sq Ft

Cap City Comedy Club commissioned JCF to create flooring that was easily maintained as opposed to their old carpeting. JCF removed the existing carpeting and ground off the old glue pouring a solid, concrete overlay with a dark brown stain and seal. The project took three days to complete. 

With all the laughs and good times happening at Cap City, we needed floors that would last and clean up easily. Just Concrete Floors is no joke!
— Cap City Comedy Club

Vapor Logic

1700 Sq Ft

Vapor Logic wanted to modernize its look and expose the sleek natural slab concrete at its current location. To do this, JCF removed the old VCT tile. After the natural concrete was revealed, it was then polished and stained charcoal. Finally, JCF inserted the Vapor Logic logo in the center of the floor. The Vapor Logic project was completed in two days. 

Just Concrete Floors is fast, professional and most importantly, they do exceptional work.
— Vapor Logic